Winter Driving & Skid Advice

Winter Driving—Skids

As sub zero temperatures become something of a norm across Northern Ireland, our roads have been badly affected by crashes and accidents over the last few weeks.

One of the most common causes of road traffic collisions is skidding. If it occurs at a high speed, serious injuries and fatalities can occur. However most skids could be avoided if drivers were properly informed and prepared.

Skids most often happen when a car is turning or driving into a bend. Slowing down gradually upon approach can greatly reduce the risk. Avoid braking abruptly or turning quickly in these conditions.

Skid Safety Tips and Driving Techniques

If your car does start to skid don’t panic and remember these two important tips.

 Don’t steer away from the skid.
 Don’t slam your brakes.

As soon as you feel the car slipping from your control, stop accelerating and steer your vehicle into the direction of the skid until you regain control and feel traction return. If the back of your car is swinging to the right, slowly turn your steering wheel until corrected.

If you are forced to break before your out of the skid, brake slowly and gently. Anti lock brakes should also help the situation.

General Winter Driving Tips

More road traffic accidents occur during winter than at any other point during the year. Bearing this in mind, you need to stay vigilant and exercise caution during troublesome weather periods.

Reduce general speed when temperatures drop and increase the distance between you and vehicles in front.

When driving, always be aware of what lies ahead. Anticipate bends, stops and lane changes as early as possible and move slowly and gradually, signalling clearly to other drivers.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

Ensuring your car, truck or van is properly prepared for winter is of the utmost importance. Check that your brakes are working well, your tyres are inflated correctly and all lights are working well. Snow tyres may also be a good idea depending on where you live or travel to.

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