Cyber criminals increasingly moving from privacy breaches to extortion

Increasingly sophisticated malware and ransomware attacks are rising to the top of the cyber threat list, with industry cyber experts predicting a surge in ransomware incidents in 2016. Malware includes any intrusive software such as ransomware, which holds systems hostage. In the first two months of 2016, ransomware attacks among specialist insurer Beazley’s clients had already passed the 2014 level of 18 attacks, with a total of 43 ransomware attacks reported to the firm in 2015. While ransomware attack figures …

Europe: Environmental Liability Directive – the polluter pays principle

On 30 April, 2007 the European Directive 2004/35/EC, regarding the prevention and remedying of environmental damage, had to be transposed into local legislation by all European member states. This Environmental Liability Directive is based on the ‘polluter pays’ principle, and urges operators causing environmental damage – or an imminent threat of such damage – to take more preventive measures on the one hand, and remedy the damage on the other, as monetary compensation is not allowed. Furthermore, within a certain …

Driverless HGVs to be trialled in UK under government plans

Driverless lorries will be trialled on UK motorways this year with funding for trials expected to be earmarked in the 16 March Budget, according to reports. According to The Times (5 March), part of the M6 near Carlisle will be used for the trial, with up to 10 lorries driven metres apart believed to be one element of the proposal. Economic modelling by Axa into driverless haulage, produced in September 2015, found the insurance, fuel and labour savings in its …

New law shakes up insurance buying process

It’ll now be harder for insurers to turn down claims on the grounds of the non-disclosure of relevant information, thanks to the first change in the UK’s insurance contract law in more than 100 years. The Consumer Insurance Act came into force on April 6, and is the first major legal change the industry has seen regarding non-disclosure since 1906. It should mean greater protection for consumers, provided they do not deliberately lie to an insurer about their circumstances. Here’s …

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